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Red Meat and poultry injector 17 needles


Red meat and poultry injector with 17 needles; manually controlled.

Features: depending of the purpose injectors are equipped with:

– stainless steel conveyor to the red meat or plastic conveyor to the poultry meat.

– rotary pump or centrifugal pump,

– one set of needles Ø 4 mm,

– brine tank with filters system. Optionally injector can be equipped with a mechanical drum-type slot filter: FNK.

Manually controlled Injector [type: NK] is equipped with a touch screen PROFACE GP4100, to control the following parameters:

– speed of injector frame;

– controls and stops operation in the absence of the brine container or the absence of electrical phase flow, indicating the reason for stopping the machine;

– stepless adjustment of the belt stroke;

Manual adjustment:

– injection pressure;

– height of bumper rise; 

Technical data:

Injections per minute: 20-56

Length of needles: 19 cm

Brine tank capacity: 80 litres

Effectiveness: 1000 kg/h

Conveyor belt width: 290 mm

Height (mm) 1750
Width (mm) 750
Depth (mm) 1700
Weight (kg) 320
Supply voltage (V) 380/415
Max Gas Consumption N/A
Max Oil consumption N/A
Water connection N/A

Meat injector 36 needles

This video shows meat injector with 36 needles

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