This equipment serves for the injection of brine into meat. Brine is water containing dissolved salt and curing substances (nitrite) as well as additives such as phosphates, spices, sugar, carrageenan and/or soy proteins. The injection is done by inserting pointed needles into the muscle tissue. Brine injection is mainly used for the various types of ham, bacon, fish and other whole muscle products. 

In large machines the quantity of brine injected into the fresh meat can be determined by pre-setting of pressure and speed. It is very important that all parts of the brine injectors are thoroughly cleaned after every working session and disinfected regularly. Before the injector is used again all hoses and needles should be rinsed with warm water as particles left in the system can block the needles. Absolute cleanliness is necessary as microorganisms remaining in the system would be injected deep into the meat pieces during the operation.

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