Boiling pans - basic equipment for food processing industry

Boiling pans - basic equipment for food processing industry

In this article I will try to explain the types of boiling pans available on the market. First of all there are two types of boiling pan, regardless of the shape of it, and they are:

1. Direct heat boiling pans

2. Indirect heat boiling pans

Direct heat boiling pans are heated directly by the heating source at the bottom of the boiling pan. Therefore if the steel is not thick enough on the bottom of boiling pan, the content risks being burned. That is why very often direct heat boiling pans are called “kettles” as they are good enough to boil just water. Of course they are good and reliable but only for the industry who requires boiled water quickly and in large quantities. For any other uses we recommend indirect heat boiling pans. Rather than being heated from underneath, this product has a jacket surrounding the outside of the pan that is usually filled with oil or water (It is possible to use a paraffin jacket but I am personally unable to comment on this as we have not had experience with this type.) This heat is then distributed evenly through the jacket at a lower temperature (125-130C) and ensuring that the foodstuffs within will not get burned or just cooked from underneath, and will only ever reach the maximum temperature of the jacket, giving the user more control over it. This of course means you are not only the proud owner of a very large kettle, but you can also use them for the production of sauces, soups, jams and chutneys. Now obviously we are saying that these products are designed for the food industry but our clients have been known to use them for other (more surprising and interesting) purposes such as for fake blood production, fabric colourisation for the movie industry (Pinewood studios is a good client of ours) or even (legal) chemical breaking bad here :)

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